Dear Penelope

Penelope   |   Chapel

(weaver)    |   (refuge)


“Dad, guess what?! I’m NEVER going to be freeandahalf again!”

It’s your last night as a three year old and you have not even an ounce of sadness or fear. You’re never quite as affected by change as the rest of us. You’re easily excited and I’m pretty sure you’re just convinced that whatever unknown is to come is ten times more exciting than what yesterday held.

Your gappy tooth smile is life to me, little girl. Actually, it’s life to anyone who happens to catch it. At the grocery store, in the Starbucks line, while taking a walk…your big smile is rarely found resting and the world is truly better for it.


You’ve endured a lot in your third little year, but you have been steady. Maybe more steady than any of us. You know what you want, you get mad when you don’t get it, and it’s this tenacity that makes me fall in love with you over and over again. I feel like I will spend the rest of my life getting to know you and all your mysteries and beauty.

Being in a class full of boys has made you tough, but your favorite color is still “rainbow”. You bring laughter into our home. You are medicine. You are a spitting image of your Grammy and have a lot of her attitude, too. Just one look into those icy blue eyes of yours melts me into a puddle on the floor.

You have our hearts, Wellopee. We could never be the same without you. One day you’ll leave from here, to change the world or find cures for diseases or sing a million songs. For now though, you’re here, you’re mine, and you’re never going to be freeandahalf again. So I’m going to spend a few more minutes watching you sleep and see how many times I can kiss your cheeks without waking you.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Penny. You’re my best gift.



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