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11 thoughts on “About Keri

  1. Hi Keri, your posts are lovely and heart felt. I am writing to ask if I can pingback your first post about our struggle with comparing ourselves to others? I am going to be writing a post, soon, along the same lines but my blog comes at things from more of a “ha ha” angle. I would love to provide my readers (the 10 family and friends who actually read it 😉 ) with another angle on the same topic. Thanks for sharing, Sarah (Your Moderate Mama)


  2. Keri, I loved your “3 Ways not to Hate your Husband”. I too heard the Holy Spirit telling me to pray over my sleeping/snoring husband in the last 6 months or so. I did it again as I read your message posted by a friend on Facebook last night. Looking at him snoring away brings on the same feeling I used to have when looking over my children (who are now grown) no matter how misbehaved they had been that day, with a love that sees them as who they are in Christ and that they are an innocent victim of this temporal world we live in…just like the rest of us. We all, in Christ, have sweet, perfect Spirits that are being carried around in temporal “earth suits” that have earthly hurts and baggage…that only Jesus can make the best of. And we must have mercy and grace for our husbands, and our children and trust ours and their Heavenly Father to grow them and raise them up in His due time. He riggs all the “crap” for our good…it’s amazing how He does that. I can see that you are wise beyond your years and are learning early the things I wish I had been ready to learn at your age. After 34 years of marriage, I’m finally to the place where God has my full attention and I know that He loves me deeply….as He does my husband. Thank you for sharing your journey. Someone once said “as a teacher, you never know just how far your influence will reach”. You are teaching us…more of us than we can imagine…about God’s heart. Thank you for answering His call on your life. Agape, Cindy


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this article!! Woman, you should write a book! Haha! I read your blog on fb this morning and I started my day with a refreshed newfound love in my heart. I LOVED this! I hope you will write more on marriage like this, it’s so hard to find real, honest, genuine, entertaining but still solid advice that is still Godly! Just knowing how much your words impacted me today, I can only imagine how much God can use you to change marriages and families!! Do you have a book or any other publications on marriage or offer any types of counseling for married couples? Thank you!!


  4. Great stuff Keri… I really love the post about “ways to not hate your husband”! My wife stumbled upon it this morning and shared it with me. Your message really hit home and spoke to both of us. We love your “voice” (the way you write). Thank you for sharing some of your tips, such as keeping a list of things you love about your husband, so you can review them at times of struggle… Oh, and Kudos to you for not giving into temptation, for not grabbing that big pillow. Marriage is work. My wife and I try reading at least a few marriage blogs per week and I think your post is my favorite yet. Keep up the good work and thank you SO MUCH for sharing. You never know when your words might reach someone who really needs to hear them. Thank you.


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